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Sinsations aims to create delectable customised cakes for your special occasions with our specialty cakes that help create memories adorned with great taste and amazing flavours. We know it's difficult to find bakers that cater to allergy-friendly needs. Tell us more about how we can customise!

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The basics of baking now at your doorstep! Know about the latest workshops and seminars we're hosting to show you how to create your own sinful, delectable cakes & desserts.

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The Doctrines of Sin
A new blog post every week! Let every Sunday fill your week with a fresh, new, piping hot recipe straight out of the oven!
Cocoa powder demystified

What is cocoa powder? How is it different from chocolate? Why are some cocoa powders almost midnight black, and some a light brown? Can one be substituted for the other? […]

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Lead Us Into Temptation

Sinsations by Radhika was born out of passion.
A passion for all things sweet.
A passion for perfection.
A passion to create that delicious cake, that melt-in-the-mouth frosting, those delectable desserts.
A passion to create an amazing experience and an everlasting memory.

Radhika Sheshashayee
33E Chancery Lane,
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Singapore 309555.
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